SIOC 290: Climate Mathematics

10:00-11:50am MTWR, 10:00-10:50am F

August 17 (M)-September 18 (F), 2015

Classroom: Spiess Hall 330

Instructor: Samuel Shen

Office: NH428    Tel: 858-246-0205   Email:

Office Hours: 12:00-1:00pm MTWRF or by appointment

Text: Climate Mathematics, Lecture Notes by Samuel Shen, plus online materials

Course Overview:   The students will learn the minimum necessary skills in probability, statistics, mathematics, and plotting to present and describe climate data from both observations and models, particularly about climate extremes and uncertainties. This course will start from basic concept of calculus without limit, and go to Taylor series and line integral, from basic concept of probability and statistics to advanced theory of sampling error estimation, and from basic R programming to more advanced plotting and visualization skills. PhD students who need additional mathematics and statistics skills or who would like to learn modern tools and unconventional approaches to climate data analysis and models can also take this course.